To start working with our portal you need to register and read the site rules. After registration, an email containing a link to confirm your account will be sent to your mail, to activate your account, click on it.

Visit the account section and enter your details in the information section, they will help you recover your account and allow us to better understand your needs.


Choose the appropriate subscription based on the legal form of the business, the size of the team and the amount of income for the past year, including attracted investments and other payments. Please note that without an active subscription, you can use the service only for trial and non-commercial use more.


To download paid files and pay for views, at appropriate rates, you will need credits. You can get them for free by becoming our partner , or replenish yourself in the credits section.

Upload files

You can publish your files for display in augmented reality in the account section. Before publishing, please check out the supported formats and tips for optimizing models.

Supported file types

For publication, your 3d models must be in GLB or GLTF format subject to a partnership agreement to create original promotional pages. We support PNG and JPEG image format depending on the method of their application, music files must be in MP3 format and support loop playback.

Many 3d editors, for example, the free Blender, support the export of models in GLB and GLTF format, by default. If your software does not support our format, then you can use free converters:

File Optimization

We recommend compressing all textures and images, before downloading, to the minimum acceptable level, so they will be displayed to your customers faster. Use free image compression services:

Try not to use texture maps more than 2048x2048 and the number of polygons of the model is more than 10 000. The optimal overall size of the model with textures for augmented reality is 10mb. For use in embedding, the optimal size of all your files should be 25mb. For use as advertising banners, no more than 5mb.

User files

Before downloading custom files, carefully read the license to use. The license for the file is indicated in the description, on the download page.

There are several types of licenses, users select them when publishing a files, and according to our license agreement you are required to comply with them.

Free license

  • Allowed to use files for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • Allowed to copy and distribute files with any license.
  • Allowed to modify and modify any files.
  • No attribution required.

Standard License

  • Allowed to use files for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • Permission is granted to copy and distribute files with retention of license.
  • Allowed to modify and modify any files.
  • Attribution is required, but only if technically possible.

Editorial License

  • Files are allowed for non-commercial use only.
  • Permission is granted to copy and distribute files with retention of license.
  • It is forbidden to modify and modify any files.
  • Mandatory attribution required.


We are always open for partnership with authors and studios around the world. Working with us you can get credits or money to develop your project.

We are also ready to create for your advertising campaign special technical solutions or 3d models of your products for display in augmented reality.

If you want to place your exclusive 3d models with us or would like to create a joint project with us, please write to us and we will consider your proposal.


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